1. Poem by Charles Bukowski.

  2. This illustration didn’t get in to the last issue of the magazin. Nevertheless i  had a lot of fun.

  4. me.by s.k.

  5. Last year I made this for a friends band, but things didn’t work out and so this 10” record sadly was never released. Front- & Backcover.

    Below you can listen to this very evil (nice) record.

  7. This is a collage of the most notes and sketches from the last project i did.

  8. The cover of a current project.

    No end in sight

  9. The end.

  10. Part of a project about illiteracy

  12. WIP

  13. This will be a poster for the next NIDS#6. If you live near Mainz check this party out:


  14. This was a birthday present for our good friend Sou.

    Fun Fun Fun!

  15. #3 Machinist